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Trudie Coster

Trudie Coster died at home on the 1st April 2004,
aged 52.

She was Sam Coster's much-loved partner in life, and in their business at Mongers in Hingham, Norfolk, which they started together six years ago.

Trudie was friendly, witty, colourful and outgoing. She had a strong interest in fashion and style, and prior to moving to Norfolk she worked as a cloth agent in London.

Norfolk Life quoted Trudie in a piece on Mongers as saying, "Young handsome boys do the lifting-to which my manicured fingers bear witness."

Aside from an aesthetic interest she was also a staunch salvageur in practice. "We make compost and recycle wine bottles but the emphasis put on recycling is misplaced; it is better to reuse than recycle. if Mongers were recycling we would get an EU grant, but as dealers in salvage encouraging reuse we are viewed with suspicion and assumed to be conmen!"

Trudie was keen on the social aspects of the trade - she came to Shipton, and last year to Chiswick. The last time I spoke to her, in January, we discussed organising an East Anglian trade get together. I will try to pursue this, in her absence.

Trudie was a kindred spirit amongst whose many friends in the trade was the late Hazel Matravers. One of our children commented, "If there is a heaven, Trudie and Hazel will be up there having a glass of wine in a sunny garden."

This obituary was writhen by Thornton Kay and first appeared in SalvoNEWS on 22nd April 2004
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