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We use a 2-pack acrylic coating on most of our baths. They are first thoroughly cleaned, and any old paint coatings stripped off. The bath is scraped filled with a waterproof epoxy filler where there is damage or evidence of oxidisation. The original enamel is etched to ensure a good bond between the new and old coating and a high build primer is applied before re-finishing with our 2-pack top coat. We polish the surface to ensure a smooth and matt finish. Colour matching and antique white finishes are available.

The finish is very durable and comes with a 2-year guarantee. The bath coating should last for many years with a little care. We advise against abrasive cleaners and recommend that dripping taps are avoided to preserve the lifespan of the coating.

The exterior is rubbed down to remove all unstable paint. It is then primed with two coats of a red-oxide primer and three coats of an industrial decorative top coat. We can paint the exterior in any RAL, BS or Mylands ‘Colours of London’ colour as standard, or our paint manufacturers will colour match to any colour for a small extra charge.